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Dresden Files fan videos (Victory for fans)

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Dec. 1st, 2009 | 06:25 pm
posted by: lone_she_wolf in ihazwand

As many of you know Lionsgate has allowed us to make Dresden Files fan videos on youtube for some time now. The deal is they get to advertise on our finished videos. It's a fair compromise.

The one snag in this deal is a LOT of songs being used for Dresden Files fan videos (particularly audio recordings with Terrence Mann in his famous Broadway roles) were being clutched by the iron fist of the record label WMG. WMG ( a Warner division) was blocking the use of a LOT of famous and some not so famous songs, including recordings from Broadway plays and such music groups as Within Temptation.

Well, about three weeks ago WMG was visited by the ghost of Youtube future and they had an abrupt change of heart. So if you had Dresden Files videos that were torn down or had audio disabled chances are it was the result of WMG's former Grinchiness.

Here's what you need to do. Load any of your lost Dresden Files videos back to youtube. Lionsgate will claim the copyright on the video content. Don't worry about that. All they will do is put small advertisements on the video page. You won't even notice it. WMG will claim the audio and likely ban the video in Germany. (Sorry Germany, I don't know what's going on there).

If your video is 'disabled' or 'audio removed' go to the 'copyright info' on the video. Click on 'How do I dispute copyright?' When you get to the dispute copyright page simply click the second option and in the black space write 'I had thought Youtube blog said WMG was going to start allowing us to use their content now.' If you do this, I promise that within seventy two hours your video will be fully restored.

I recently was able to restore my own favourite youtube Dresden Files video. Dresden Files: Angels, to the Within Temptation song Angels.

More lost videos to come, Including The Riddle and Falcon in the Dive, featuring Terrence Mann singing.

But your videos aren't just going to magically reappear. WMG is very begrudgning about finally allowing this. So load your formerly removed videos back to youtube. And if they're still blocked or disabled or sound removed contest the copyright. YOU are in the right. You DO have permission to use these songs... finally. So don't be afraid to remind them that they said you could use this.

Here's my recently restored Within Temptations Angels.

Spread the word to all Dresden Files fans who had youtube videos up but lost them.


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