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You're invited to participate in [info]dresdenficathon, an annual fanwork exchange for the Dresden Files fandom.

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Signups start Monday, September 26th, and will run through Friday, October 14th at midnight US Pacific time.

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Stories will be made public by dresden_mod on Wednesday, December 21st, and names will be revealed Wednesday, December 28th.

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Stranger to the grave //chiana606

Bob the soap

Someone linked me to this earlier today.  Introducing SOAP BOB!   And yes, it's a Harry Dresden Reference.
Bob in soap form!  Now he really can come into the shower with you and watch, just like he always wanted.
The only problem I have with Bob in soap form is the eyes are glow in the dark.   The sort of dyes they use to do that can't be good for the skin.
Stranger to the grave //chiana606

Bob Fan fiction archive

The Hrothbert of Bainbnridge Dresden Files Fan Fiction Archive now has 248 stories of the book and show Dresden Files universe that contain or are about the show incarnation of Bob as played by Terrence Mann.
That's more than two thirds of all Dresden Files fan fiction in general, and all Dresden Files TV show fan fiction.
Also a reminder to those who liked Terrence Mann as Bob, remember there's a new petition for when the rights fall back to Jim Butcher.
Currently at 48 signatures.
Stranger to the grave //chiana606

Dresden Files: Storm Front petition

        Several Dresden Files fans have requested it so I've decided to finally do something about it. A petition for the DVD release of the two hour extended version of Dresden Files: Storm Front.

      The short lived (now cult status) TV series, The Dresden Files, based on the novels by Jim Butcher, had a pilot episode called Storm Front. Few know that this particular episode has had three incarnations.

       The first incarnation was an early pilot which featured a different Justin Morningway and an early test footage (pre-Terrence Mann) version of Bob. This version of Dresden Files: Storm Front is very hard to find and sought after by collectors. It never aired on TV and only a select few were entrusted with DVDs of it from the Scifi Channel.

            The second incarnation of Dresden Files: Storm Front was the version that aired on TV as the eighth episode of the short lived TV series. Sadly this version of Storm Front did not fit well with the continuity of the rest of the TV series. This version of Storm Front was cut down to forty two minutes in length, had no content with Bob (other than an accidental brief shot of him in a flashback) and this version suffered continuity errors because of the cuts. This version can be found on The Dresden Files DVD set, Hulu and youtube by Lionsgate.

           The third and final incarnation of Storm Front is an extended version that was finished while the series was airing in 2007. This version features Terrence Mann voicing Bob from within the skull, several extended scenes, flash back sequences and is neatly polished up to repair the continuity errors of the episode version. It contained aspects of the early pilot and newer footage with Terrence Mann's voice work. It's probably the best version of the episode out of the three.
Sadly though this version of Dresden Files: Storm Front only aired on American TV once at three AM, unscheduled (The Scifi Channel schedule claimed an X-files rerun was going to be on) in February of 2008. It has never been released to DVD, Hulu or youtube. Only those lucky enough to have recorded it when it aired have access to it. This version took up a two hour time slot with commercials. Without commercials it's roughly an hour and a half long.
        It's come to my attention that MANY fans of The Dresden Files TV series AND books want to see a release of if not all at least the extended version of Storm Front that was completed in 2007.
          Dresden Files book fans are especially interested in the longer version of Storm Front because a scene where Murphy talks about a mess at the zoo became the basis for Jim Butcher's Hugo nominated graphic novel, Welcome to the Jungle.

          We the under-signed request that Lionsgate (the current copyright holders for the Dresden Files TV series) release Dresden Files: Storm Front as a DVD, possibly containing all three versions of the Pilot / Episode / TV movie.

            We want Dresden Files: Storm Front.
Stranger to the grave //chiana606

A Dresden Files / Terrence Mann based petition

I have just created a new petition for The Dresden Files. Since there's no chance of getting the show back we can try to maintain certain aspects of the show for 2012 when Jim Butcher plans to sell the movie rights. These aspects include Terrence Mann's version of Bob, whom as we fans of The Dresden Files TV series will attest, was one of the better aspects of the TV series.

This petition is specifically to request that new incarnations of The Dresden Files maintain Terrence Mann as Bob.


Spread the word.
Stranger to the grave //chiana606

Dresden Files fan videos (Victory for fans)

As many of you know Lionsgate has allowed us to make Dresden Files fan videos on youtube for some time now. The deal is they get to advertise on our finished videos. It's a fair compromise.

The one snag in this deal is a LOT of songs being used for Dresden Files fan videos (particularly audio recordings with Terrence Mann in his famous Broadway roles) were being clutched by the iron fist of the record label WMG. WMG ( a Warner division) was blocking the use of a LOT of famous and some not so famous songs, including recordings from Broadway plays and such music groups as Within Temptation.

Well, about three weeks ago WMG was visited by the ghost of Youtube future and they had an abrupt change of heart. So if you had Dresden Files videos that were torn down or had audio disabled chances are it was the result of WMG's former Grinchiness.

Here's what you need to do. Load any of your lost Dresden Files videos back to youtube. Lionsgate will claim the copyright on the video content. Don't worry about that. All they will do is put small advertisements on the video page. You won't even notice it. WMG will claim the audio and likely ban the video in Germany. (Sorry Germany, I don't know what's going on there).

If your video is 'disabled' or 'audio removed' go to the 'copyright info' on the video. Click on 'How do I dispute copyright?' When you get to the dispute copyright page simply click the second option and in the black space write 'I had thought Youtube blog said WMG was going to start allowing us to use their content now.' If you do this, I promise that within seventy two hours your video will be fully restored.

I recently was able to restore my own favourite youtube Dresden Files video. Dresden Files: Angels, to the Within Temptation song Angels.

More lost videos to come, Including The Riddle and Falcon in the Dive, featuring Terrence Mann singing.

But your videos aren't just going to magically reappear. WMG is very begrudgning about finally allowing this. So load your formerly removed videos back to youtube. And if they're still blocked or disabled or sound removed contest the copyright. YOU are in the right. You DO have permission to use these songs... finally. So don't be afraid to remind them that they said you could use this.

Here's my recently restored Within Temptations Angels.

Spread the word to all Dresden Files fans who had youtube videos up but lost them.